• You want to set up a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City or other provinces to increase trade exchange with customers in many places.
  • What are you interested in and what are the registration procedures and fees for setting up a representative office?.
  • Therefore, you need to consider the effectiveness before choosing a consulting company for you.

With the motto “enthusiastic consulting style and the most professional working style”, we bring you the solution to establish a representative office with the most reasonable cost.


As a dependent accounting unit of the enterprise, it has the task of representing by authorization for the interests of the enterprise and protecting those interests. Organization and operation of representative offices in accordance with law. Enterprises have the right to set up representative offices in the country and abroad.

On the other hand, an Enterprise can set up one or more representative offices in a locality according to administrative boundaries. Besides, the Enterprise has the right to change the registered content, has the right to represent the transaction, but does not have the right to conduct business directly like a branch.

1. Dossiers and procedures for setting up a representative office

  • Notice of establishment of representative office (according to the prescribed form) (2 copies)
  • Decision on establishment of representative office (1 copy) of members;
  • Minutes of the meeting of members on the establishment of a representative office (1 copy);
  • A valid copy of the decision on appointment of the head of the representative office (1 copy);
  • A copy of the company’s charter (in case the location of the representative office is different from the province or city where the company’s head office is located) (1 copy);
  • A valid copy of the enterprise’s business registration certificate or business registration certificate (1 copy);
  • Valid personal identification papers of the head of the representative office (1 copy) as follows:
    • Vietnamese nationality: valid copy of valid ID card (or passport).
    • Foreign nationality: a valid copy of a valid passport and an employment permit issued by a competent state agency.

2. Service fee + state fee & time:

  • Service fee & fee:  600,000 VND  (six hundred thousand VND).
  • Time:  3 working days .