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Master SMP Training Day 1

Master Scalp Micropigmentation Training Day 1

-Setting up your work station
-Custom Pigment Matching
-Different skin tones and color matching
-Creation of Hairline
-Skin Structure
-Anesthetic application
-Equipment set-up
-Importance of using Disposables
-Practice Creating different hairlines on live model #1
-Practice SMP techniques on live model #2

Master SMP Training Day 2

Scalp Micro-pigmentation Training Day 2
– Relating to clients
– Importance of using proper techniques
– Allergies and patch testing
-Taking before and after photographs
– Post-treatment Aftercare
– Camouflaging transplant scars
– How to conduct a client consultation
– Bloodborne Pathogens Certification
– Practice SMP techniques on live model #3
– Practice SMP techniques on live model #4

Master SMP Training Day 3

Scalp Micro-pigmentation Training Day 3

-Female Hair Density
-Pigment migration
-Color correction
-Different products
-Client Forms
-Website/SEO Strategy
-Watch live procedure
-Practice SMP Procedure on live model #5
-Practice hair density procedure on live model #6

More About HeadPower Master Scalp Micropigmentation Training Program

HeadPower is the Leading Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Treatment Center. Many of our students have already become industry leaders in the rapidly growing space. Hair Tattoo’s are an exciting and lucrative new hairloss option.

Our Award winning SMP Training program consists of an intense 3 day hands on training at our facility, along with online self paced learning modules The program covers every aspect of Scalp Micropigmentation, and hair transplant scar repair. We provide multiple live models daily to ensure that you are well trained and confident upon graduation. You will finish your training possessing the entire skill set you will need to start working as a skilled SMP technician, or start your own business.

SMP Training @HeadPower on June 15, 2018

Juan came from Queen’s NYC to learn Scalp Micropigmentation at HeadPower

Scalp Micropigmentation Training at HeadPower Hair Clinic on June 15. 2018. Watch as New Technician Juan is working on replicating hair in the crown for a patient suffering from hairloss.

HeadPower Hair Tattoo Training - Class Graduation Photos 2018

HeadPower SMP Training Program Picture – Recent graduates of the Scalp Micropigmentation Training Program at HeadPower. Get your Certification today and join the multi-billion dollar hair loss industry.